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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle seeker2
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Don't want to side track the thread. But I have found a substance that will kill MRSA, flesh eating bacteria and most known pathogens. I have done extensive research on it, and found it to be safe. I have taken it and rid myself of most of the sign of age. Arthritis, acid reflux, psoriasis, etc. Cured my dengue fever (virus, flu like symptoms on steroids) in less that 24 hrs. Usually a ten days experience.

Hospitals use it control communicable disease as a sterilizing agent, and it was used by the government in the Anthrax clean ups. It is amazing stuff and may save many lives. Its is called MMS=sodium chlorite and when mixed with a mild acid, like citric acid produces chlorine dioxide. I would urge everyone to keep some on hand and it is very cheap. It can also be used to sterilze water and has been sold as such in many camping supply stores. If you would like more info. Please ask. sk
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