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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle SkinnyChic
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As an after thought, if the PTB were really trying to kill off the population in that area, and they could/can control the weather, why were no hurricanes the year after the gulf oil spill. You would think if they were trying to kill off people they would have created a lot of hurricanes to bring more fungus inland. And what of the drought, if man made it would seem to me that a drought would have the opposite effect of promoting the growth of fungus in the area, as fungus and dry weather do not mix well. Makes one go hmmmm. sk
 Quoting: seeker2

All good thoughts seeker2. the video I watched had many former high ranking officials now turned whistleblowers. they said the drought was caused on purpose so Monsanto could buy the land cheap when the farmers go out of business or so they could sell their genetically modified 'drought resistant' seeds to the farms. A win- win for them either way. Of course TPTB are invested in both the evil gulf corporations and Monsanto. I'm going to really freak out if someone ever finds a direct link between the biologists in these companies!
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