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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle BFE
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Been reading this since August. With all my heart I want to say thank you P! At 1st I wasn't sure about you, but to stay the eyes in the storm is a really handy thing and it is appreciated much.
My theory, not that it matters...
BP hit a faultline and useed the wrong shit to clean it up. Combine that with the planetary position and the global warming and when the methane started leaking in the Arctic area it was drawn up the underground plates thanks to BP. The heat and pressure from the unthawing/leaking methane is traveling to the least resistant places. We have water mains breaking at a HUGE speed, sinkholes popping up every friggin where and land sinking. Not to mention the chemtrails to help either keep this crap IN or OUT, wonder which one?
I have no doubts that Jack Reeds theory is about to be played out, along with many other countries affected also. Look at Queensland, nd I think that will be here next, just bigger due to more methane...
My one burning question for the day... this is Saints Bye week and today is day 3. Although there has been more media coverage than before today, I am still waiting Big Dawgs day 3.
Skinnygirl and the others that are investigating this and staying up long hours to post, I thank you, and I mean I THANK YOU! I am a lurker, but I don't think I am by far the only one. Just know there are others who may never post, but are following this as closely as you are...hf
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