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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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oh my god, another example of the fear porn put out by whitecoats on these sites. look at that marine bragged about executing americans thread. i just posted valid facts outing the author: pam Shueffert or whatever, her name at bottom of article. well being from Asheville NC this crazy woman spoke at a small book store once and went nuts. she got an adult services case at DSS and mandated to therapy. she was homeless and mentally ill, she claimed local high school was all satanists and train boxcars had beheading equipment to kill all christians in A'ville. she then moved out west to stay w/ someone. i know, i lived there and was a CPS investigator. and the GLP thread, people say -- there is no name on article and they believe the bullshit ramblings from a crazy person. wow, everyday here. sinkhole doom, nibiru, tsunamis, Moore's posters and folding bicycles, zeta floatation balls to survive tsunami, demon clowns in Arizona, and Russians. and by the way, i was in Army, 12 people form other countries always visited and cross trained. pics of 12 russians turn into 1 million by these govt shills to cause panic. modern day project phoenix. this is crazy shit. are people this stupid and fluoridated? damn.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25245849

Again I will say, MOVE ALONG. You are not being FORCED to be here, are you? You are not being FORCED to agree with opinions.. just please do the courteous thing and

A)Leave this thread and do not come back


B)Ignore the comments you don't agree with.

It's REALLY not that difficult... not trying to be an ass but I AM sick of seeing people bitching and moaning.

Also, this is not a msm site. This is a CONSPIRACY FORUM.
So please, to everyone this applies to, quit shouting "OMG FEARPORN!"

I think I'm finished. For now that is.damned
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