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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle TeamReaper
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This what happens when they are going for coalbed methane (also called coal seam gas). THEY HAVE DEPRESSURIZED THE AREA TO GET THE METHANE OUT OF THE COALBED!! more land just collapse on the sw side of the sinkhole.

Start looking to the "lake verret gas field"

A few posts of mine ago, i post links with video. Same thing the depressurized the ground to get the methane. Methane escaped and a river started to bubble in a 5km strech, then the ground ignited (smaller scale than in LA).

I have suggested several time to step back and look at the bigger picture, now big dawg is expressing the same Idea, is his concept of the big picture the same as mine, I guess we will find out soon enough.

Just stop for a minute and do a little research in regards what is happening to all the planets in this solar system, and I think you will find your answer as to the source of what is causing the hydrates to melt, expand and increase pressure. Of course big corporate entities are going to take advantage of the situation as the heating makes the gases more available for extraction and hence enhancing their bottom line.

Look then to the earth changes we are witnessing as a testament to the same thing effecting the other planets is effecting the earth. Then ask yourself if you were in charge of countries, as in there leaders, how would you handle the situation, that is if you can with certainty predict what the eventual outcome will be for any particular areas. Perhaps there is another view point in regards to some of the governmental activities.

As a possible alternative. What would you do if you new that pressure was building in the gulf in the area of the 2 wells that if left unchecked would have disastrous effects on all the inhabitants of he gulf. Which then would be the lessor of the two evils, do nothing and have the disaster happen or attempt to avert it by flooding the GOM will oil and gas, with the possibility of people getting sick but far less than they would be effected had you done nothing. Just some thoughts, that have been running through my head. Not popular on a conspiracy site, I know, but all the same possible, as possible as many of the other theories about who is doing what, to whom, and what reason. sk
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It’s been called the Methane Bomb — a stash of gas buried under the Arctic seafloor whose heat-trapping power is much greater, molecule for molecule, than the carbon dioxide people usually worry about. As climate change forces the Arctic to warm, experts warn that methane could escape, speeding global warming. They can’t predict when the great escape might begin, however, or how fast it might proceed. They can’t even rule out the possibility that it might have already started. So they’ve been cruising Arctic waters to get a better handle on where things stand.

Now they’ve got one. According to Christian Berndt, of the GEOMAR/Helmholz Center for Ocean Research, he and his colleagues have known since 2008 that methane is leaking from the ocean bottom near Spitzbergen, an island in Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago. But thanks to a research cruise this past summer, they’ve got reason to believe that global warming could be part of the reason, if not the sole culprit. “We have no proof,” he said in a recent interview. “But we have several lines of evidence that fit well [with this possibility].”

The expedition started from the well-established fact that an enormous amount of methane is frozen into a kind of ice known as methane hydrate, buried in seafloor sediments and containing perhaps twice as much carbon as all the world’s fossil-fuel reserves combined. As long as the hydrates stay cold and pressurized by the overlying sediments, they’re stable. If they warm, they’re in danger of breaking down and releasing the gas into the atmosphere.

We know that the Earth's core is heating up due to the solar maximum as well as the photon belt energies, we also know that Earth has expanded by 27mi. at the equator due to the heating of the core. I agree w/ you sk, there is much more at work here than just the GoM issue.

[link to www.climatecentral.org]
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