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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I'm not sure yet if that was a true post from Big Dawg or not, have to go back and check UserID to be certain however that being said, I was talking to RC last night, told her I get the feeling we're missing a bigger picture here.

We (me/RC/whomever else feels same) were looking at the general area of the Central States, the Midwest and the Gulf States but if you look at the data worldwide it ties in with everything we've been saying.

This post from AC 23883145 on pg 159 caught my eye in that regard:

“Within a matter of months, the bacteria completely removed that methane. The bacteria kicked on more effectively than we expected.”

It sounds to me that this created synthetic genome microbe far exceeded the engineering and programming expectations.

There are sinkholes and unexplained explosions happening all over the world, you see where I'm going with this? What is happening to the methane hydrate layer here in the GoM may have spread exponentially throughout the global hydrate layer already, it has after all, been two years since Corexit and Synthia were introduced.

Also, take a look at a map of the states with meningitis cases, nothing in LA, GA or AL, now think Hurricane Isaac and heavy spores...the highest concentration of fungal spores (due to the mass, think physics) would be dispersed the heaviest in the areas with the lower wind speeds (giving the spores more time to settle). Isaac slowed down, stalled in the GoM (many said strangely so like it was being directed) picked up all the precipitation and spores it needed to then gained speed and headed inland.
The wind speeds closer to the eyewall spared LA, GA, and AL for the most part but the bands however dumped their payload on the outer ring of states.

The following info in that regard caught my eye last night, forgive but I cannot remember who posted this link for the Nat Med Talk Forum but here is an exerpt...

Just because you don't live on the Gulf coast, don't think the Blue Plague won't come your way. As more gas, oil and tar fills the Gulf of Mexico from the Biloxi Dome area, more toxins are released into the water and the air.

Evaporation, storms, and hurricanes will spread the continually increasing oil-chemical-gas toxins inland. Certain areas may experience more severe exposure than those living on the Gulf coast.
In concentrated amounts, it will be as acid rain that has washed and destroyed your crops, trees or grass. It will enter streams, lakes, and underground water sources. Fish, mammals, and animals will die just as they have in and along the Gulf coast. Potable water and food will be effected. The air will be effected. The Blue Plague will grow as more airborne and cloud-filled toxins spread the Gulf oil and gas lakes beneath the surface inland.

[link to www.natmedtalk.com]

Read this^^^ if you haven't yet, it's from 2010 and thanks to whomever posted it, I don't have time to go back and look.

Pardon the wall of text, needed to clear my thoughts this morning,
 Quoting: siniXster

Very interesting post . . .
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