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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Shell Oil
"And our partnership is now extending beyond China’s shores. Together, we have purchased Arrow Energy, an Australian gas company, in a $3.2 billion deal. The joint venture plans to convert coal bed methane – an abundant unconventional gas source – to LNG for export to China"
[link to www.shell.com]
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22030141

told you it was agenda 21 and to move people away and make them sick, all around profits. the shills like radchick and sin popped up suddenly to give sudden doom that would never happen and then exhaust any further interest sometime after, which is now starting to happen. in the end, like the oil spill, out of sight, out of mind, the people there are left isolated and dying -- with no one to care or listen anymore. get it yet. we told you about these shills you people not only protected, but worshiped. that makes you people guilty by association. you did nothing to help anyone, most were shill bots anyway, logging in under different names and ID's.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25228508

Can you fill in any more blanks...I'm a bit confused???
 Quoting: Fire Watch

i think this poster, like countless others tried to warn people about radchick and sin because they witnessed all this corporate psy ops during the oil spill that not only happened in the gulf, but china and near the great lakes @ the same time during 2010. radchick is affiliated with oracle and people know that is a govt agency front. another persona emerging out of no where on Deagle and other places to lead people astray, while the locals are left in the end dying and with paid off doctors that will not treat them. it has to do with agenda 21. think and read posts on this thread and others, people are confused, exhausted, and ultimately giving up as no sudden explosion will happen. the story will die and no local will ever get national coverage as the story was crushed by shills like radchick and sin that promised doom that was never witnessed. so credibility in the sinkhole stuff dies, and slowly, so do the locals. forgotten. look at a few pages back at the dying people from the gulf. after 2010 no one would listen to them because the same tactics were used. the story had negative associations attached to it that his one is now getting. the gulf oil spill had deagle and others saying giant tsunami, aborted babues, instant doom -- none of which happened, but slow death did. John Moore: Nibiru is here!!! cover for HAARP harmonics as the 2012 doom story was put out by hollywood, internet, tv just like terrorism before as they blame aliens and the mayans while it is really them using technologies to do around the world -- the sinkhole, with added fear. it will get gradually worse around the world, as the economy and earth changes are blamed on aliens and 2012, but never the real perps. no liability, no finger pointing, a cover to slow kill and move the obedient types into agenda 21 cities. they are breedng with fear, predispositions into humans like people do with dogs -- certain obedient, domesticated behaviors. that was why some of us were angry, you gave up on Pazzaza and locals again in favor of lying shills, murders like radchick, sin and their corporate employers.

a sick world that will spiritually, hold them accountable. they will die and leave those lying bodies. they are the ones that better fear. the real controllers have branded, or marked them for consumption into what new age religions call, the One. you lying traitors to humanity, I curse you all to hell.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25241783

accurate and very well put
we will try to fight these evil persons thru exposure, while our meat bag still works, but as said, they are the ones who should fear for they will pay the price for the rape of humanity for eternity
do not let fear get to you, if your hands are unbloodied, and you heart is at peace, then you will have the strength to do what is right at the time
NO FEAR!!!!!

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