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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle jazz
Post Content
wow u guys i cant keep up.u r going so fast u r spinning.lol seriously though
Sinixster on the global warming idea. i saw a chart earth temperatures going back 4billion yrs to present day. it shows several ice ages. what i found interesting is a temperature spike,levels out ,and then a 12 degree abrupt drop in temp. my speculation as to fitting your idea is a methane burn would cloud the air .thus nuclear-like winter.

there are several charts online that will show the graph from 4 billion yrs to now.the 1 i saw originally i havent been able to find again. it was 4 or 5 graphs ,each scaled closer to present, billions of yrs,millions,thousands i guess. if anyone find that 1 plzz get me the link.
interested in having that page to check for how long the temp drop stays cold b4 it goes back to more liveable temps.

to give yas a heads up,this summer was HOTT in our country.
earth ave temp was less than 5 degrees of normal.hence a 12 degree world drop is dramatic n devastating. our growing season could lse an entire mth.

on the earth expanding idea .ppl explain to me how it grows??? what feeds it????????????? theres sence in it for sure but theres ?'s also.
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