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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'll tell you why I get angry.
Is because of two events that happened here where I live.

1-a certain time the water we drank was with a strange taste.
were just noticing this for months.
those responsible said it was just our imagination.
after a while many sick people here,adults, children(my daughter)+ or - 60 houses (familys).

official result = water was contaminated.

2-have a mall here in my city that was a smell of gas.
people felt for weeks and months.
those responsible said it was just our imagination.

official result = gas leak + explosion + victims

that's why I get nervous..
have to wait for something to happen and then take the providences?

here one video of the explosion,people died there.

 Quoting: Dangerwalt

Searched on several search engines and cant find more info in English on this subject?

Kinda weird That all I could find in English is this--

Gas explosion in Osasco Plaza Shopping Mall (Osasco, Brazil, June 11, 1996). Another 482 were injured.
[link to american-bankruptcy.us]

Much appreciated of all the work in searching for info in all topics in the forum.
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