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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle fredddddy
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Odd timing and Coincidences....

Deadly ‘brain-eating’ microbe outbreak in Pakistan

[link to rt.com]

Pakistan’s capital city Karachi was struck by an outbreak of Naegleria fowleri, also known as ‘brain-eating amoeba.’ The deadly freshwater microbe kills 98 percent of those infected. The source of the infection has yet to be identified.

The amoeba is transmitted from contaminated water through the nasal cavity and travels to the brain, causing inflammation. Symptoms are initially mild, including headache, stiff neck, fever and stomach pain, but after five to seven days death is likely, as no treatment for the disease has been developed.

The ongoing outbreak has claimed 10 lives, including two children. The three most recent deaths occurred last week.

Some of the cases may not have been reported since many of the city’s 18 million residents are not familiar with the disease, Dr Musa Khan, head of the WHO's Disease Early Warning System in Pakistan said on Tuesday.

The infection is usually contracted through swimming in contaminated water, but health authorities said that many of the victims of the outbreak were not swimmers.

“The three people who died in September had not been to a swimming pool. It is a serious cause for concern that people are contracting the infection by using tap water,”
Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed said at a press conference on Monday.
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