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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle seeker2
Post Content
Morning all. well here at least.

No need to fight about the Dawgs.

Important things is figuring whats going on and its impact on the people in LA and gulf states and on a bigger scale around the world.

what we basically have is a planet heating up, releasing frozen hydrates, release methane, creating pressure. Just like what we are seeing in the gulf of mexico, more fractures and leaks of Oil and methane appearing and beginning to connect, I think we can expect to see on land also. Lets hope this process remains a slow, giving time for people in the affected areas to relocate as this thing progresses.

In regards sythia. It would seem a bi product of sythia breaking down oil is the release of CO2, which if done in a confined space would add to the building pressure.

My sense is that the government and big oil, were and are aware of the above stated and were aware of the situation prior to the blow out in the gulf, and the blow might have been an effort to vent the building gases.

This is contrary to the popular belief and the desire to place blame on man's greed. Do I know for sure. No but one can connect the dots to either support a large conspiracy or connect them is such a way as attempts to mitigate some of the world changes occurring.

Either way we are not being told everything, and as someone pointed out earlier, this might be a good thing, for if we all knew the total extent of what is about to take place it would totally disrupt the fabric of our society. For what, I doubt they know the end result and to what extent this problem will progress to. sk
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