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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I think a bigger thing about the story is that they've basically admitted that the sink hole has hit a "natural occurring oil and gas formations."

[link to assumptionla.wordpress.com]

"Welsh noted that, based on “fingerprint” analysis and other data, the source of the crude oil and natural gas that have been observed at the surface in the Bayou Corne area appears to be one or more naturally occurring oil and natural gas formations, and that the preponderance of scientific evidence indicates that the failure of the sidewall of the Texas Brine cavern provided a pathway up to the aquifer and the surface for oil and natural gas that had previously been confined thousands of feet below."

The people that said it's connected to the BP disaster don't sound quite so crazy anymore do they? lol...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19672960

the Earth's crust is full of pockets of oil and gas (under pressure); and, it only takes cracks and fissures for
it to flow its way to the surface.

so, evidently, we have a gargantuan natural gas deposit
deep down in the earth's crust that is leaking gas to
the surface so much that this gas is now *saturating* all
of the land in Assumption Parish. this is a completely
natural phenomenon, and a completely natural disaster.
and, once it becomes apparent that this natural gas is
going to make all of southern louisiana (including New Orleans) uninhabitable, for a long time, then the
situation will be upgraded to a "Catastrophe". this is
just the beginning, folks.
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