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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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for those interested in the meningitis outbreak:

it just got worse, infection due to an ankle injection.

comments made by CDC:

"This is new territory for public health and the clinical community"

"the longest delay was found to be 42 days, with Park emphasizing the CDC does not yet know what the longest time gap will be"

"Weber told reporters that patients who received these injections will need to be vigilant for months afterwards to see if they've developed an infection"

"CDC: Tests may not detect meningitis fungus"

"contaminated steroid could have been given as early as May 21"

"Because the ranges of pathogens associated with this outbreak may not have been fully determined"

Thread: Meningits outbreak just got way worse
 Quoting: TeamReaper

allow me to translate thumbs

we have no idea what we're doing. The incubation period could be any time between 0 days and 1 year. Our tests suck, and cannot be relied upon. And it's possible that it's not just the steroid injection.....could be any drug on the market....but we're not sure yet.
 Quoting: ladyannie2009

Let me interpret. After the spinal tap, the fluid goes to the lab. There, a cell count, glucose, protein, culture, and gram stain is done; plus, other weird tests that the doctor orders. The gram stain is not the stain of choice for fungus. Lactose phenyl cotton blue is. Most labs do not have this stain available. If the fungus is not present in large numbers it can easily be missed on the stain.

Any bacteria will grow in 48 hours. If there is no growth after a 48 hour period, the plates are tossed. Must hospital labs do not do fungal cultures. Those are sent to a reference lab where they are held for 6 weeks. Before now the only fungus one would expect in a CSF is Crytoccocus which is usually in a yeast form.

Again, these are not fungus that normally cause menningitis. If a aspergillus was seen on a plate, before this outbreak, it would have been thought to be a contaiminate.
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