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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle taniatarn
Post Content
OK so what is in cavern #2???? anyone know??

The reason that it flared was likely due to excess pressure. Cause appears unknown but the process safety valve relieved as it should. It probably has some type of pilot ignition system to flare the gas that is relieved. 40 foot is normal a normal flare.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10743136

The butane that they are moving to another cavern in that salt dome..
 Quoting: alexisj9

That is what I have been puzzling over since yesterday...flaring of butane is the only possibly explanation as from what i have read previously that is what crosstex had stored in the cavern...the only reason for flaring off he butane would be as posted above that there has been an increase in pressure...the only way that pressure would be increasing in the cavern is a breach allowing infiltration in to the cavern of something else causing the gas to be forced upwards...

they did state that the only way the gas would become a hazard is if water or similar was pumped in to the cavern because the butane is heavier than air therefore will not exit the cavern unless under pressure.....

Yep was definitely Butane according to this article..

[link to theadvocate.com]

so something is putting the butane under pressure to get it to rise in the cavern...sound like this cavern is breached!
 Quoting: taniatarn

Actually thinking about it a little more...and have now figured out the link I was missing which makes my first theory incorrect...the Butane in the cavern is liquid butane because it is UNDER PRESSURE...very high pressure that causes it to be in a liquid state. For it to change state in to a gas and rise the pressure would need to be decreased....

Therefore two scenarios are possible...something is causing the liquid butane to rise ....this would require injection of water or similar that is heavier than the liquid butane...

OR...( and I think more likely )

the cavern has been de-pressurised somehow....most likely by a breach of some description somewhere in the cavern...this was the first sign that the texas brine cavern was compromised...alack of expected pressure..

ALSO...I still havent seen an explanation or plausible theory anywhere as to why there was a delay between Texas Brine drilling in to the compromised cavern....and the gas/hydrocarbons not appearing for sometime after the cavern was originally entered...what caused the delay- the gas should have instantly been released as soon as the cavern was entered???
And now the cavern is obviously under constant gas pressure as they reported having to flare it to keep the pressure from building....
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