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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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One option I can think of is the citizens of LA organize and collect and share data themselves. Waiting for anyone who is paid to do a job is to expect mediocrity, as those who come from the heart will use a above average or exceptional approach because they care and it matters to them. Barter your skills, one can collect while one calculates the data, and another performs data entry, etc. It's obvious that the gov. at all levels doesn't care, but we do... Create a risk back up plan so all can be accounted for to ensure their safety.

p.s. yes, this happens at GLP - in this thread and similar ones, but the local approach would be the brains/nerve center

Posted this on another thread, maybe this is probably happening already...I would like to thank all you people for giving a damn, you who have been doing research/due diligence. I haven't contributed but I have been trying to educate and pass on the word as much as possible. All of your hard work is not going unnoticed - you are beautiful people! If awareness is wide spread it adds more talent and abilities to an effort - and strengthens us as people who care about our beautiful planet, the grandmother of all. It gives me hope that such caring individuals exist among the noise and haste...
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