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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle jazz
Post Content
gm, seems to b chatter of sulfur smells,and sonic booms from LA clear to michigan n canada. i am beginning to think mayb the sinkhole prob isnt what we think. or at least not totally MNA MADE. thou i agree man can compound the prob.
this is 2012. the EQ's thou numerous have yet to cause major damage,hence my understanding is they must b deep.havent checked lately to see if there is a correlation to ALL EQ's bein at or near the same depth.and the volcaoes r also starting to pressure n growl.
starting to think mayb we have a worldwide situation. government knows but wont tell us.FEMA camps is evidence of that. why the ammo?? i am not conviced they want to shoot all of us. then who is goina b their slaves??? they need us to work,they certainly dont know how.lol
whatever is going on is wayy down in the earth. with the galactic alignment of the universe n galaxy, i figure its causing a gravitational effect. also seems to b the planet itself is warmer. as pressure build inside the planet,it has to b released somehow. prob is if it does it too quick.
not sure we will get the explosion as far as worldwide.
some gasses can have other affects. mainly starving our oxygen. also could lead to a nuclear-type winter.
leaves us<MANKIND> with several possabilities.
we die from lack of O2. we go into an ice-age. freeze or starve. or of course we die faster from a immediate catastrophy. mayb the ppl of LA die a better/kinder death.
on reasearching the MAYAN predictions, i often have to remind myself that man CAN NOT cause the problem. however man can make it much worse. anything in nature,weather, the planet,etc happens over time n not sudden. sometimes we dont see it coming and sometimes the changes may b subtle.
we have only been on the planet a very very short time,in respect to the age of earth itself. we exist in time when
SHE is warm.doesnt give us much of a sence as to how many or how big the temperature changes have been over eons of time. all cultures n religeons say "something bad will happen". some give actual ideas as to what those happenings might b. the MAYANS gave a date. is it a start date? or a end date? IFF my theory is correct, we will see more problems in the next 2mths. the EQ's will start coming to surface n will start to do major damage. also we will see EQ's in strange places. volcanoes will errupt strongely.
the animals will b scared and frantic.
no offence to those in LA or miss or TX,etc, we watch the sinkhole because it is the weak link. salt n sand gives way easily.i feel safer here on the ny-pa borderin these hills overtop bedrock. either way we will no longer have oil n natural gas to fuel electricity or anything.
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