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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle RadChick
Post Content
A few other interesting recent stories:

Mystery booms rattle NJ community:
[link to www.nbcphiladelphia.com]

Fire/explosion underground Glen Falls, NY:
[link to www.facebook.com]

Underground explosion Wausua WI:
[link to www.waow.com]

Posted yesterday, another forum, SE Kansas:
"I remember a long time reading about laws against super sonic aircraft breaking the sound barrier over populated areas. But a few years back I was stationed at the base in Diego Garcia. there naval supersonic training flights were common. and I remember how that sound always seems to be coming from three directions at once.
well anyway on and off today, those booms have been rattling our windows. we do have a storm rolling through but this sound is nothing like thunder. they started about 9 this morning the next one came around 11. we had three more one right on top of another while I was feeding the girls lunch and the last one about ten minutes ago
What makes it more off is there is no big bases anywhere near us?\havent a clue what's going on"

Post under a video on yt about sinkhole tremors spreading to other parishes:
"This is so weird because yesterday I thought that I heard thunder and even went to check outside. It was sunny and beautiful. We live probably 20 air miles from the sinkhole. My mom and dad heard a tremendous thump the other night and thought the world was ending. They live just a few blocks from us."

Post on another forum, Nova Scotia:
Topic started on 11-10-2012 @ 08:57 AM by Jerisa
I will tell you the facts, I am looking for a viable answer.
Last night at 1:15am Atlantic time, in my small village of Minto, New Brunswick, Canada, there was a bright flash and then an extremely loud boom. In all my years, I can safely say that it was not any kind of thunder I have ever heard, more like a sound barrier boom, closely followed by another one.
These were so bad that they literally shook the house like a small earthquake. When I got up this morning, it was all over facebook, people talking about how it was a complete WTF moment...

apparently this killed someones car ignition near the flash as well, it started after a few minutes.
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