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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle taniatarn
Post Content
According to a thread deleted by mods, Synthia is now being found in the DNA of new yorkers.

What comes next is intentional.

Let the reader understand.
 Quoting: Anaiah


DNA testing is usually done by the public to rule out disease, not to look for it. I'd have to see a medical journal study confirming this.
 Quoting: allisaTX

I wish like hell I knew what was in the thread. All I know is I went to click on it and by the time the page loaded it was deleted, so I googled 'synthia in new york dna' and it is the blurb under the first result. I wish like hell someone would point me to where the info from it went. I've been looking myself, but I've often been surprised at some of the information that I've found here and could not find information on until I was pointed in the right direction. The google results should bring up what I saw, but it just wigged me out that I had a dream about a zombie apocalypse in NYC two weeks before Sandy hit, and I've never dreamed about zombies, and lo and behold, that shit pops up and gets deleted within hours of its original posting. Given the other information that can be found if you search about GLP... it's extremely disturbing.
 Quoting: Anaiah

I saw the first post of this thread and nothing else...it showed a woman basically acting nuts...to a music soundtrack- was quite bizarre....
Unfortunately I had the computer on mute so dont know much else.
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