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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Patassa
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I understand and empathize allisa, I've had to leave quite a few souls behind on my journey, you get used to it after a while or if you don't the choice is always there to re-insert yourself back into the sleeping world. I've thought about that numerous times however for me it is purely impossible.
 Quoting: siniXster

I sympathize with your breakdown, Allissa, I have felt that many times, but you can only do what you can do, prep for yourself and family. The others, well, maybe they aren't supposed to continue on this journey at this time.

And Sinixster, I do NOT below it is possible to go back to *unknowing*, I wish many a day I had remained a sheep and didn't look further into the 911 false flag. I wish sometimes I could go back, but I can't. I just deal with it alone and hang out here and there, where other people think like I do. I post a few articles here and there trying to get people to take notice, but seriously, they do not. Kinda unbelievable to me that you can tell somebody something point blank and you are just the NUT!
The only person I have that kinda believes me is my Mom, that is about the money part, as she lived thru the depression and she knows full well what is possible. Other than that, it is a lonely world out here and I DO NOT believe once you KNOW, you can UNKNOW!
I have been with this thread since page one, and I am telling ya, I even offered my house to a Mom and 2 kids and her Mom, and she knows they are in trouble, she just doesn't know how much trouble is coming.
I feel bad for her, now I have lost contact with her :(

It is going to be a sad day down there....soon!
 Quoting: allisaTX

Sounds like this might be who you are talking about? If so I bet you can contact her through D. Dupre.

[link to www.examiner.com]
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