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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle jj24seven
Post Content
i just noticed rolling stones "crossfire hurricane" premires november the fifteen/eight central, so naturally i went listen to "doom and gloom" (lyric video) which speaks of&#65279; louisiana,plane crash, oversea war oil, fracking,booms<- 3 to be exact! Noticed clue words DARKNESS<LIGHT<NIGHT? went look up meaning of crossfire *two starting points come together to make contact*... awake people have any clue? hurricane happend to new york and we know they tell us....&#65279;

ablum is released on&#65279; 12 November for the world, excluding North America, and on the 13th November 2012 in North America. <--why the delay?
the single (not ablum) doom &&#65279; gloom came out Oct.11,2012

we all know what happen to the other music video...gloomd lyrics made me cringe...

also jets have been flying near the general sinkhole area and remain in the sky almost like stars...

i'm concerned the earthquakes from mexico+gulf crack+sinkhole explosion+earthquakes & explosions all along fault lines could result in a divide of the US like that future map..... you have to remember they want to ascend to the 5th i need brain storms again! this is serious! when i look at weather infared it shows major towns with rings over them??? hope this message makes it out there to the right people who understand
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