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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Tropicalgirl
Post Content
Hi guys, I am curious about something, when you post in a thread and it shows up in Your Active Threads, why does it disappear from that list, even if you don't 'remove' it? Does it drop off if you don't reply every couple of days?

Just wondering, I was active in several SH threads and they all disappeared from my list the other day.

Thanks for the updates, this story is far from over in my opinion, I want to go listen to the videos from last night's residents meetings, anything interesting in them? Thanks!
 Quoting: Tropicalgirl

i think the active threads last for 7 days, if you don't post again they drop off

i did not put those numbers in that message!
 Quoting: jj24seven

that looks like formatting from a different document or program - did you type your response somewhere else and then paste it in here or something?

interesting new finds about the sinkhole everyone, i try to keep up with all the sinkhole threads! ty for your continued investigation!
 Quoting: scorpio66

TY Scorpio, much appreciation and I agree with you, the new finds are worth watching, its a slower motion disaster than I would've thought but still a disaster....
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