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The Demon Belial do you know him ?

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User ID: 19555529
United States
08/25/2012 09:07 PM
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The Demon Belial do you know him ?
I am Belial, I have the propensity to persuade you. I can make you cultured. or I can let you be calamitous , I cackle at your consequences. I can watch you sob, I find gratification in your pain. That makes me Belial. Why do I walk with demons, I discern I am one. I know shatter souls, I send them to misery. I do get gratification sending malevolent souls to hell. I find delight when there souls are ripped to shreds and they scream and scream for aid. It’s so funny how they weep now. Where were those tears as they laid mayhem and pain on your earth? I am a merciless demon one that can lie and cheat and slash your heart without penitence. I Stand tall and defy you, Try and refute my ability to send you to hell. Now, my problem with evil. The quandary I have is love. I loved once upon a time, a deep and never-ending love. That love to this day causes me moments of humanity. I can feel pain and assemble feelings. I want to save those that need saving. I can decipher evil, love gave me that. How can a demon that posses’ so many lives, tender love. I watched and devoured many merciless souls, I escorted them to hell. I can stand in front of you and declare I saved the ones that loved .The souls that had righteousness. The soul’s that stood before my evil ways and said “god help me”. I helped them. I am salvation to the loved ones of your earth, I am Belial. I will save your soul if you validate it or I can launch you to Hell. I am Belial, the Demon that stands before you, no kneels before you, I judge your salvation. I am legion, a burden I am chosen For. A burden I do not want.