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Message Subject How do I sell my soul to the Illuminati and become rich, powerful and famous?
Poster Handle 666
Post Content
Please read again: this is not only bad tradeoff but at the end you will notice that you haven't gained anything material, in fact.
 Quoting: gaton

Come on now...you know the side of light is losing the war.

Best to pick the winning side.
 Quoting: 666 22628284

Light or rather Jesus has already won this war, He is just waiting for two things, the last lost person called into His Kingdom and the alloted time to run out for evil to fill up its cup of iniquity ( see Revelation)

Anyway, to enter into the power house that controls this world you would have to be bloodline related or invited - and if invited, to only be used as a useful pawn for the agenda and wasted when you fulfill your steps to solidify absolute power, money and evil for them that you do not know or will ever meet.
 Quoting: Ohwow!



keep dreaming!
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