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Message Subject How do I sell my soul to the Illuminati and become rich, powerful and famous?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Rich AND powerful? how does that work then?

From a certain POV it's an oxymoron.

Being rich puts you in a controlling position, it puts you in a driving seat where you are allowed to drive where your richer control masters let you.
So well done rich guy, you're in the driving seat of a car that is going over a cliff into oblivion......so how is that powerful?...... when those that aren't going that way are about to EVOLVE/ ascend to the next level of existence/ consciousness, rich man...eye of needle....remember that shit?

Suckerz!!!! lmao

FREEDOM mmmmm, sun sun of bliss shine light inside, blessed are those that REBEL, they stand to inherit the GALAXY ohyeah

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