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Subject We're FUCKED!!!!!!
Poster Handle Zman458
Post Content
Barack Obama has:

Signed the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) Bill into Law allowing any US citizen to Be Detained WITHOUT trial (A federal Court Blocked it in May because it Violates the Constitution, but Obama is not trying to get it UNBLOCKED!). (Source: [link to rt.com] )

He has Killed HUNDREDS of Innocent people (Including 3 American Citizens) in Pakistan and Yemen with Drone Strikes (Heís Ordered even more drone strikes than Bush!). (Source: [link to www.slate.com] )

The rate of National Debt under George Bush was Around $60 Billion a Month. Under Obama, itís been $190 Billion a Month, so that would be Nearly $600 Per US Citizen (Thanks Obama!). (Source: [link to cnsnews.com] and [link to www.cbsnews.com] )

Obama Care: Page 22. MANDATES, The Government will Audit Book of ALL Employers who Self Insure. Page 50, Section 152, Health Care WILL be Provided to ALL Non US Citizens, Illegal or otherwise. Page 126, Lines 22-25, Employers Must Pay for Their Part time Employees Health Care AND Their Families. Page 127, Lines 1-16, The Government WILL Tell you How much Money you can Make.

Obama has By-passed Congress to Enable the DREAM Act (Unconstitutional to By-Pass Congress, and the Illegals he allowed to become Legal Citizens has Committed over 19 Murders and Over 142 Sex crimes). (Source: [link to www.theblaze.com] )

Obama Claims he Campaigned in 57 States (Maybe he wasnít Born in this Country?). (Source: [link to www.youtube.com] and [link to latimesblogs.latimes.com] )

Iím NOT a Romney Supporter, but I would say Vote anyone BESIDES Barack Obama. And if Obama Gets Re-elected, buy Guns.
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