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Message Subject The Fibonacci Thread
Poster Handle SFAV
Post Content
The energy and flow are increasing. With every flux it expands. Contracting into itself. Pulling and pushing at the same time. We are one. We are ALL. We are collective. Understand this. Embrace this. Intuition is key. The computer is connecting us all with infinite change. A vortex of knowledge sitting in our lap. Step through your shadow. Feel your outside pulling in. Shed your ego and awaken for
we are all here waiting to greet you. Study the Sacred. Hear humanity's echo. The beauty of order and chaos beautifully pulling and pushing. Think. Question. Meditate. Find yourself. Thinking is electric. We are all connected. Embrace the beauty of the Aether. Show compassion and spread your knowledge. Too many are in the dark. Help them find there purpose here.Help them embrace there self and intuition. We are beauty and disgust at the same time. We are degree. We are hot and cold.Embrace change and welcome it. Give your love to the world. It needs your love. It needs you. For we are one.
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