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Message Subject The Fibonacci Thread
Poster Handle SmuRidley
Post Content

at the 6:00 minute mark, it says the songs in a certain order match up exactly. unless this person has a different album than me, it doesn't work but for a couple songs. most songs end in a fade out.
 Quoting: SmuRidley

I think you missed the sequence he was referring to. The track list is 6,7,5,8,4,9,13,1,12,2,11,3,10

The sequence at the 6:00 min. mark is the swing from 1 to 13

Hope that makes sense. hf
 Quoting: SFAV

my bad, i meant that sequence you rightfully pointed out at 5:14 in the vid.

and i did listen to them in the correct order. they all don't line up the way the video suggests. i was stoked to hear that a couple did.
 Quoting: SmuRidley

Was that with a pause in between? Or going straight into the track? I have not had a chance to do this on my own. I wondered if this was true and it seems you did it. So any feedback would be grateful.
 Quoting: SFAV

there is a fade out in most songs followed by a pause and then the next song starts.

6 leads right into 7, but thats not too surprising. the two songs are 6. Parabol and 7. Parabola.

some of the other songs kind of match in a general way. they just sound similar. one song will end with a soft strumming of a guitar and the next song will start softly, but the notes are completely different.
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