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Message Subject The Fibonacci Thread
Poster Handle SFAV
Post Content
Question?: Can we create a "New" spiral out of the "Original" spiral resulting in free will?
 Quoting: SFAV

I will be honest and say I did not see it. It took me 31 years to pay attention to the knowledge that was sitting right there in front of my face. Sad but true. But I agree with you. We need to be more sustainable if we want to continue to populate. hf And what have I wasted 20 bucks on? I would rather not say lol
 Quoting: SFAV

I knew I found this thread for a reason. I was feeling all tied up and really mad that I did not have time to do and experience the things that I wanted. I want to spend more time learning and less time being a slave. I was going to look at all the doom and gloom threads so I could hang my head and say that it doesn't even matter. Then this thread jumped out at me. I use this forum as a tool. I have known about the fibonacci for a while, so I wanted to see what was being said here. Lateralus was what made me look into the sequence a bit more and has influenced me greatly as a song, as you can see by my tag. This thread is evolving as I type. It has become much more than numbers. It has become ALIVE!

As for your question: Can we create a "New" spiral out of the "Original" spiral resulting in free will?

I think we are each on our own spiral. We are subconsciously following our free will. We meet when our spirals cross. I think it is still free will even though we are following a path. We must influence our free will with love and light and we will spiral out!

Thank you!

You could say fuck it, grab some cheap food supplies to last you a bit (Sell all that junk you won't need if you're really desperate. Can't bury you with it) and some seeds and go find some natural place where you can live off the land. Throw some seeds down and if you ever feel like you have no place to go...

Go there. Have trust. Have faith. It's better than nothing.

It costs you ten bucks for a huge bag of white rice that will last you for ages. Asian people live so long partly due to eating white rice y'know. (brown rots due to oils) and ten bucks for seeds.

What have YOU wasted twenty bucks on?

Oh, and Good job you clever people for listening to the truth, not just trying to see it.
 Quoting: Uriel 24708847

That hit a cord and resonated. I'm still listening.
 Quoting: SpiralOut12

Just wanted to point out some great points and thank you for posting friend. Feel free to add to this thread at anytime and much love and light to you peace
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