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Message Subject The Fibonacci Thread
Poster Handle SpiralOut12
Post Content
1+1= 2

 Quoting: SFAV

As you have seen in the video all of this was not a mistake :) He very carefully, and methodically put these lines here in that particular sequence to tell us Sacred knowledge that can be found.


I embrace my desire to
feel the rhythm, to feel connected
enough to step aside and weep like a widow
to feel inspired, to fathom the power,
to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain,
to swing on the spiral
of our divinity and still be a human.

Now I could try to explain what he is saying but I don't think I need to. It is simply beautiful and well put. It is what I try to embrace with every day that passes. And when he says "Feel the rhythm" you can here the bass drum start to form these beautiful and odd rhythms. Now when I listen to this part of the song I feel it is the pinnacle of the entire song. I feel the music and the lyrics coming together in synchronicity. And it is all in the Fibonacci sequence. Math is truly beautiful. And when I am feeling down I listen to this song to remind me. And yes sometimes it brings a tear to my eye as I just feel these lyrics and rhythms. After this point in the song I feel every word after makes complete sense. I no longer analyze the lyrics but just FEEL them with the music.

With my feet upon the ground I lose myself
between the sounds and open wide to suck it in.
I feel it move across my skin.
I'm reaching up and reaching out.
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.

Spiral out. Keep going...

These are just thoughts I wanted to share. Please feel free to correct me and give your own imput. I think that is important for me to learn. And I would like for this thread to "Spiral" out in information and intuition. So please I would love to hear what you think about this song :)

Much love and light to you all hf
 Quoting: SFAV

Whoa DUDE, you really brightened my day. I am so glad to see someone listening and following their intuition. I feel the same about Lateralus. I know others do as well, but I was not expecting to read this today.

Much love and light to you as wellpeace
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