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Message Subject The Fibonacci Thread
Poster Handle SFAV
Post Content
No matter how many times you equate nothing with nothing.. you still get nothing.

And nothing is equal to a dimensional object that is outside of our perceptual field of view. So until we are able to see that dimensional field, we will always just get nothing when referencing an infinite energy that is right outside our grasp.. yet we know its there

That would be amazing the day we all actually see it floating around us and that we are shaping it with our perception. We get glimpses from time to time and some can see it longer than others through practice.

Basically thats what is written in that golden ratio. A very amazing perceptual grid not visible by our naked eye(not visible by most of us at the time being).
 Quoting: DoubleHelix

You are correct. But the Fibonacci is how the feminine duality would work with the Golden Mean. It has to fit everything according to the Golden. Which is perfect. Nature cannot be perfect. It has to do the best it can at being perfect. But when you put these numbers in "Squares" then you will see the spiral. And again you have left and right creating. If that makes sense :)
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