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Message Subject Give me your astro chart and I will tell you your role in. NWO and if your an illuminati
Poster Handle Amy_A
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I have been well. I am searching for why some are born with Scoliosis and other spine problems. Someone I listen too said scoliosis has to do with the Kundalini energy we possess and to stay away from having rods put in. I always felt these steel rods cause problems with our life energy but nothing I can do about it now. Hopefully it will not keep me from what I need to do spiritually. Have you ever researched your spine problems and what they mean besides what the Shriner "SS" tell us? Is it a gift or a curse? Hopefully my birth chart tells some info.

 Quoting: Amy_A

Amy, I had significant kyphosis (curvature front/back) and had surgery + rods put in in 2002. No issues here regarding that energy moving up the spine.... Don't let it be a mental block for you, you'll be just fine, rods or not.



I think it has something to do with our energy and how energy flows, but I agree with him....we can control it with our minds and try not to let it create a blockage...once you become aware of it you can overcome any blockage created by the rods..

my rods just so happened to try to work their way out of my back! I hope these energetic shifts haven't made you too sensitive to this stuff Amy, I know how painful that stuff can be!
 Quoting: MissionInvisible

I DO think it would be VERY interesting to look at trends...I have heard of people going by astrological charts for health issues and diets, would be very interesting to see! :) YOu are an extreme empath so it would not surprise me if they are correlated :)
 Quoting: MissionInvisible

My gut feeling says that spine problems at birth can tell us alot if we had the knowledge to understand. It is interesting how many in the energy threads seem to have spine problems. Some call the spine the tree of life, or the Jordan River because the Christos oil is said to flow from the glands located in the brain down into the Pelvis Region. We must raise this oil back up the 33 (Christ age of death) vertebra and into the Gate of Brahma or Pineal.

I am sure one day we will know the truth and then we will be free.

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