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Message Subject Give me your astro chart and I will tell you your role in. NWO and if your an illuminati
Poster Handle Kinect
Post Content
Okay this is strange, but true. I was out of town traveling, approximately 400+ miles from my home town.

(This was approximately 1997-1998. Before GLP)

I arrived at my destination, never been there before. It was a Motel 6.

After checking in, etc. I thought I'd have a beer on the 2nd story balcony & watch the sunset.

I'm not going to go into details, but anyway, I struck up a conversation with a fellow I'd never met.

We chit-chatted after awhile, out of the blue, he says "you are illuminati."

I was like, "wtf do you mean?" I had never even heard of the term before.

Anyway, that's the shit that made me come to GLP. Very condensed version of story.

So any who.... Here is my chart: [link to i50.tinypic.com]

What's up all you clairvoyants? What do you think? Weird huh?


Thanks to anyone who may read my chart!


Thanks in advance!

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