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Message Subject Give me your astro chart and I will tell you your role in. NWO and if your an illuminati
Poster Handle rachel3108
Post Content
Hi skeptic i saw you asking. Did you post a complete chart with aspects, signs and houses? To apollo dont let those who dislike astrology bother you. Yes, its better to have indeph readings but im trying to answer only one question here. Many regard astrology to be a science its cosmic and ultimately we live amoung the stars. The universe and its elements definately effect everyone uniquely.
 Quoting: Zakereth 4183669

Zak, thanks friend ! Maybe we should officially team up when I feel better and attempt another post. I think three of us (with Rachel) can keep the pace going with readings and spreading interest in the sacred Illuminati art...

Heres a chart Ive been studying for years. I will study this chart until I die

The Illuminati have said this was the most important chart of all time since it was the read Grand Cross of Destiny...

A horary looked at it and said that its a chart of a bright, intelligent, short, dark haired man, he even named the occupation that this person will have.


That is a beautiful chart. I'd love to team up with you two again. Enjoyed this thread very much.
 Quoting: rachel3108

Thanks Rachel ! This ones going allright, We can stay on this one...

Anymore to say other than beautiful on the above chart?

I may need to look at the astro.com version but I am in schock that the houses are perfectly placed in their signs. It seems divine. MC in Cap with the sun..IC in Cancer with the moon..this seems to me less of an opposition than a tension that helps the individual make the necessary generational leap to coming forth into the world and speaking, learning..reminds me of idyllic stories of the philosopher-king..

The only imperfection I sense is Uranus in 12th, haven't seen that before, feels a bit unstable, but there could be more for me to learn..and with this opposing Saturn in the 6th, which although blessed in Virgo is in a Leo-ruled 6th house and seems as if there is some growing up to be done at some stage, growing from Leo into Saturn, this Saturn cannot afford to be distracted by Uranus and whimsical natures, it is needed to hold up the cross and the growth process for this individual to bridge heaven and earth, moon and sun.. the real "play" and childlike nature for this person will come from the mystery.

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