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Message Subject Give me your astro chart and I will tell you your role in. NWO and if your an illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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That's helpful as a confirmation and lots of good info. The snake on the cross is quite intriguing. Changes things around a bit and it seems as if there must be a progression from Cancer/Mars earthly realm, to Saturn, matrurity, work & practice, and then Uranus in 12th plays a different role as a rung on the ladder of Kundalini. Uranus being seeking freedom from 12th house prison, which resonates with the story about the broken glass. It strikes me that the chart seemed rather non-human until this bit. Now we have an adventure like the Iliad in which this individual now must go through a Uranian breakthrough from confined spaces mentally and/or physically, only after which they can grow into the heavenly Scorpio Neptunian and Capricornian Sun/Son, only after the human experience, the fall (the teshuva shall we say) there becomes something mythic and riveting about this character, something of a divine nature in the sense of encompassing more than only the orderly.

What is the toddler on the white horse? :)
 Quoting: rachel3108

Nice ! I am humbled, youre at the level of a Master teacher.. Uranus is the prison house. Adolf had that as his chart. Matter of fact, much of his chart did realign not that long ago... We are entering into a parallel with WW2

Back to the chart...If it is in Pisces does that entail the waters of mem, the hanged man? Path 23? Interesting that it is December 23 of that chart.

Where is he trapped at ? I heard one of my peers call him Hermes. But where did he go to? . Is he in a genie bottle? lol... A womb? A jail? I sense he is trapped, so I study thesalonians to see if this is the restraint...

Teshuva, the fall, the essence behind Yom Kippur. I see that Mars is in its fall position in Cancer.. the chart is sad to me in that aspect. Is he Ares wounded by Diomedes?

Sun Card, That is the Lord of the Fire of the World. And Hod to Yesod...

I see the manchild of Revelation..


Thank you Apollo. He is trapped in the kellipot, the remaining shards of dark light that have been neglected by even the best of saints. He is trapped in the Moabite womb, the sincere woman of a pure heart who made such an impression above that she was chosen to bear him, but the world is not ready, he must break out of the misconceptions he has of himself and this will help him become accepted, that which is messianic is going to be extreme goodness trapped in concealment because otherwise it could blind, and because only this way he can rise from below, from the fall, and thereby carry everyone, because no longer is anyone below him.

The card looks like king messiah on the donkey of revelation.

There is Yesod here and also Malchut, perhaps once he reaches Capricorn.

23..say more. Also teach us about wounded Ares. Good day to all :)
 Quoting: rachel3108

Ahh..I see.... Is he Moshiach? I remember that Mosiach peers from behind the Lattice. He is to build the Beit Hamikdash... To emerge from kellipot.. he will prove to be the one to restore Tikkun.

The Moabite mother, I would not have her chart. so if this is indeed the child, I only have the date of the child.. Is he once redeemed in his own sign of Capricorn?

Is this where he is hidden? You can see the little goat inside the Ram.. The Dodge Bros originally had the logo of the Magen David..


Rachel, can you tell me when is the point of celebration? After his Tikkun of correction?? What year? what month? I long to be a part, if only in prayer and blessings.

Will the Kohen Sons of Aaron be ready for the blessing? The Priestly Blessing of the Kohen is the letter Shin.. also the fire of Judgement... Hod to Malkuth.

Oh, wanted to add for others here to learn, Yes, Capricorn is the path of Ayin...Hebrew for eye, so his struggles is not to be blind.. Path is Tipareth to Hod . He is the Lord of the Gates of Matter, also known as the Devil... this Christmas child. He has a lot to overcome..

Aries is Heh which stood out for me in the Dodge emblem, Ascendant of the December date.. Emperor, Chokma to Tipareth...
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