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Message Subject Give me your astro chart and I will tell you your role in. NWO and if your an illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Nice ! I am humbled, youre at the level of a Master teacher.. Uranus is the prison house. Adolf had that as his chart. Matter of fact, much of his chart did realign not that long ago... We are entering into a parallel with WW2

Back to the chart...If it is in Pisces does that entail the waters of mem, the hanged man? Path 23? Interesting that it is December 23 of that chart.

Where is he trapped at ? I heard one of my peers call him Hermes. But where did he go to? . Is he in a genie bottle? lol... A womb? A jail? I sense he is trapped, so I study thesalonians to see if this is the restraint...

Teshuva, the fall, the essence behind Yom Kippur. I see that Mars is in its fall position in Cancer.. the chart is sad to me in that aspect. Is he Ares wounded by Diomedes?

Sun Card, That is the Lord of the Fire of the World. And Hod to Yesod...

I see the manchild of Revelation..


Thank you Apollo. He is trapped in the kellipot, the remaining shards of dark light that have been neglected by even the best of saints. He is trapped in the Moabite womb, the sincere woman of a pure heart who made such an impression above that she was chosen to bear him, but the world is not ready, he must break out of the misconceptions he has of himself and this will help him become accepted, that which is messianic is going to be extreme goodness trapped in concealment because otherwise it could blind, and because only this way he can rise from below, from the fall, and thereby carry everyone, because no longer is anyone below him.

The card looks like king messiah on the donkey of revelation.

There is Yesod here and also Malchut, perhaps once he reaches Capricorn.

23..say more. Also teach us about wounded Ares. Good day to all :)
 Quoting: rachel3108

Ahh..I see.... Is he Moshiach? I remember that Mosiach peers from behind the Lattice. He is to build the Beit Hamikdash... To emerge from kellipot.. he will prove to be the one to restore Tikkun.

The Moabite mother, I would not have her chart. so if this is indeed the child, I only have the date of the child.. Is he once redeemed in his own sign of Capricorn?

Is this where he is hidden? You can see the little goat inside the Ram.. The Dodge Bros originally had the logo of the Magen David..


Rachel, can you tell me when is the point of celebration? After his Tikkun of correction?? What year? what month? I long to be a part, if only in prayer and blessings.

Will the Kohen Sons of Aaron be ready for the blessing? The Priestly Blessing of the Kohen is the letter Shin.. also the fire of Judgement... Hod to Malkuth.

Today, if you only hear his voice

The final tikkun is set for 6000 which is in 227 years from this Rosh Hashana, but this can be sped up by various factors, as we can bring the sabbath in on Friday afternoon so we can bring the redemption in during the sixth millennium, and in its time it will be hastened. You know well, there is always choice, but nothing to fear.

I would like to return as well to read charts as soon as I am done catching up on some work.
 Quoting: rachel3108

I hear him. hf

I wrote this down as study after hearing his voice.. He is prepping..



Studies of the Hebrew Prophecies..

Moshiach is Hebrew for Messiah. Moshiach means the “the anointed one" in Hebrew. And it is a core belief in Judaism, but seldom learned by Christians of the West. Those that have faith in Moshiach feel it as strongly as Christians have faith in Jesus. The jewish people do not believe Jesus was the Messiah, rather they see the future Savior of Mankind as a great teacher, King and Soldier of Righteousness, "Tzedek" that influences our lives directly, making abudance touch wherever he touches and blessings to shower our material world and build his temple "Beit HaMikdash" We do not have to wait to out death to ever have hope of seeing Moshiach, Moshiach will not appear to us after we pass this earthly time, He is to come while humanity is alive and calling out !

"Tikkun Olam" is the healing of the world in the world to come, "Olam Habah"

You do not have to be a Jew to let Moshiach bless your life, cause he will free mankind into a state of bliss knowing their creator G-d who cannot have a name, He is the infallible one, the one whose name. (HaShem) is beyond our limited understand, but we may draw close to him none the less. He does not cast souls into hell. forbid the study of stars, nor say this earth is beyond redemption, G-d wants us to be happy now ! And enjoy the fruitages of earth now !

Here is the Belief number 12 of the Mainmonides Thirteen Principles of Faith That speaks of Moshiach

Principle XII. The era of the Messiah

And this is to believe that in truth that he will come and that you should be waiting for him even though he delays in coming. And you should not calculate times for him to come, or to look in the verses of Tanach to see when he should come. The sages say: The wisdom of those who calculate times [of his coming] is small and that you should believe that he will be greater and more honored than all of the kings of Israel since the beginning of time as it is prophesied by all the prophets from Moses our teacher, peace be upon him, until Malachi, peace be upon him. And he who doubts or diminishes the greatness of the Messiah is a denier in all the Torah for it testifies to the Messiah explicitly in the portion of Bilam and the portion of “You are gathered (towards the end of Deut)”. And part of this principle that there is no king of Israel except from the house of David and from the seed of Solomon alone. And anyone who disputes this regarding this family is a denier of the name of God and in all the words of the prophets.

Heaven is here on earth, The Tanach describes the temple.in II Chronicles.

3:3- "The length by cubits after the ancient measure was threescore cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits".
3:4- "And the porch that was before the house, the length of it, according to the breadth of the house, was twenty cubits, and the height a hundred and twenty; and he overlaid it within with pure gold."

And likewise , we shall have beautiful sound homes and dwelling places and food and peace when the Moshiach touches our lives and blesses us with the bounty. God did not want us to lack in anything .


In every generation there is a scion of the House of David who has the potential to be the Moshiach

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