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Message Subject Give me your astro chart and I will tell you your role in. NWO and if your an illuminati
Poster Handle rachel3108
Post Content
Again folks, Im a Astro Theologist, not a astrologer

A AFA certified (Astrologer) can blow me out of the water and could probaly tell where you work, the year you got married and what kids you had

Im only giving free readings out of my heart,

A REAL READING COSTS 100 dollars an hour. That is minimum of what a AFA charges. and its intense...

Im here to talk Bible theology (Im a ordained Minister) in relation to the Mazzoroth, Prophecy and alignments, But after years on GLP cant find anyone interested Two people in 4 years. David Flynn was one of them but he passed away . And thats why Im bowing out soon..

Please continue your interest in astrology. There are many great people out there that even go by small donation basis.

Darkstar astrology is a good team and there are many smaller blogs of new astrologers.

Dont give up your interest and pursuit of this great art !


i don't have the most regular schedule but id love to do some more group astrology threads, feel free to email me when i can chip in, my email is through my site on my profile, i'm not the best at starting or keeping up with threads but i really enjoyed this one and GLP peeps always have amazing charts!! :)

all the best hf
 Quoting: rachel3108

Rachel, I was just thinking about you. I had a question on the Ibbur, Oh, ok, Yes, Ill email you there..

Ibbur..nice..please do :)

Anything you see now regarding the state of the world? Feeling some tension..
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