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Message Subject Give me your astro chart and I will tell you your role in. NWO and if your an illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Adam Weishaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati had a capstone natal like this one...


The Bavarian Illuminati was also formed on a Grand Trine day..

Occultists and Magickians like in the Golden Dawn will have Grand Squares like a Magic altar table..

And many Master Masons will have Grand Rectangles in the shape of Solomons Temple..

Many conspiracy theorists have T -Squares which is shaped like a bow and arrow.

King David had two Grand Trines like this one. STAR OF DAVID


Believe it or not, Sadam Hussein was a Star of David too. Star of Davids are eagerly sought for leardership positions cause of their ability to multi task.

[link to www.biblenews1.com]

The inner hex can bring great pain and tragedy though...

my progressed chart look like that with mars and jupiter at the top conjunct :))) can u say something about it..
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