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Post your Close Encounters with the Unknown

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User ID: 14648809
United States
08/28/2012 06:21 PM
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Post your Close Encounters with the Unknown
2 nights ago.....

I was having a dream where i was looking out the window through the blinds. I woke up from the dream and was sort of felt hypnotized and was looking at my girlfriend sleep.

Within seconds, she popped up and complained chest pain. I went to get water and a pill, which she drank. We laid back down and there was a flash of light outside our window. Another. Them two more very bright white explosions of light.

I looked out the window through the blinds (just like what i dreamt minutes before) and an even bigger flash of light bloomed just beyond our fence. There was no sound.

I went outside to see what it could be. There was nothing, and it was dead silent, completely still. I looked into the sky and there was a white orb/UFO object hovering above in the horizon. It was too big to be a star, and it was too low, not to mention it also had subtle shifts in its shape.
I went back inside and went to sleep.

The next night i looked into the sky to see if there was a star or an object in that area, and there was nothing.

Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else?
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