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America the beautiful

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22771851
United States
08/28/2012 06:29 PM
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America the beautiful
I remember when i was a child i could walk down the street alone and not have to worry about being snatched up, robbed, shot, knifed, nothing.
Now there is trash on every highway, abandoned buildings everywhere, while people live in tents.
people ride around flying flags from other countries (really if you are so proud of your country, why are you here ?
oh yeah, the great looting of america)
We have an imposter for pres. who can't even produce a birth cert. (the secret service, c.i.a. (you guys !) f.b.i. walmart allll o.k. with it
secretary of defense sitting in congress telling them he answers to the U.N. (open treason).
Top military brass inviting foreign troops to the homeland, while a private sec. force HOmey land insecurity and t.s.a. (too stupid to account) loads up with 45 hollow points.
Our military disgraced for all eternity in all the heavens.
America is truly sodom, but it is not because of the good people of the u.s. it is because of the people at the top.
chemtrails in the sky poison the air
my dog turns her nose to most of the food that is poisoned with high fructose corn syrup/fluoride/preservatives.
the water is fluoridated.
what a sick world you have created, God will have no mercy for you.
I will pray.....you will need it
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22539688
United States
08/28/2012 06:43 PM
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Re: America the beautiful
yup i remember the good ol days. kids were able to o out and have fun all summer, now no where is safe. and whats up with the gov giving china land here in the us for them to start chinese communities. china even bought lots of theaters here also.