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33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 3836
United States
01/04/2006 09:57 PM
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33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice


The 33rd degree has long been associated with Freemasonry. This dovetails with a belief. In the importance -for reasons until now unknown - of the geographical location known To cartographers as the 33rd parallel North latitude.

The fortuitous development of reading a plaque on a Masonic building in Tucson , Led the writer to investigate , solely out of curiosity, along what latitude the city of Tucson and or the State of Arizona happened to be located.

It turned out that the 33rd parallel ran through Arizona, in particular and of note, the Small town of Florence, Arizona. The Arizona Department of Corrections maximum Security prison is located there and contains on its grounds Arizona’s death row.

Located immediately west of the prison grounds in the town of Florence itself is a Small Masonic related building on Main street. The “G” & compass symbol clearly

Visible from the street. The thought suddenly emerged that the location of the structure. And the existence of death row directly on the 33rd parallel could be, not an accident, but


By using Google one can determine that the town of Florence is located at these Geographical coordinates: Latitude N 33.031. (For purposes of this article the longitude is Not typically of importance).

This writer then wondered if this was a coincidental occurrence or whether this Disturbing phenomenon might be replicated elsewhere. This is what was discovered.

1. Death Row - Mississippi : Located in Parchman, Mississippi in SunFlower, County.

(Freemasonry being associated with Solar or Sun worship) Latitude N 33.92 .

2. Death Row - Georgia : Located in Jackson, Georgia , Latitude N 33.29

*( Also note the “31” in Arizona being 13 in reverse and the “92” and “29” for

Mississippi and Georgia respectively. All three numbers have Masonic significance

And 9 1+1 / 1+1 9 being numbers related to the 9/11 attacks which are rife with Masonic

Numerology as well. See: www.greatdreams.com/trade_numbers.htm &

“The elite masons worship toward the east (sun rising)…strike on north tower was a

“strike against God himself…ushering in New World Order”

www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/wtc/index02.htm ).

3. Death Row - Georgia : Atlanta (for Women) Latitude N 33.65 (again 6+5= 11).

4. Death Row - South Carolina : Ridgeville, SC Latitude N 33.0326 ( 3+2+6= 11).

5. Rawalpindi District Jail, Rawalpindi , Pakistan (Military Capital) : Latitude N 33.35

Location where Prime Minister Bhutto was hanged by Zia Ul Haq, dictator of Pakistan on April 4, 1979.

3 + 3 + 3+ 5= 11

6. Death Row - House of Horrors - ABU GHRAIB PRISON, IRAQ

Latitude N 33.29 (Identical to Georgia Death Row for men). Abu Ghraib is now officially

Named “Camp Redemption” See www.googleglobetrotting.com/info.php/mid/3089.

The exact coordinates on this site go as follows - N 33.291235 it adds up to 22 or 2 “11”s.

Abu Ghraib is on the list of “Black Sites” where suspected insurgents and terrorists and Unknown others are housed around the world , tortured and oftentimes killed .

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_sites .

7. The Death Row for Lebanon is Roumieh Prison , north of Lebanon at -roughly- 33.60 N. Latitude is very close to being exact to the death row in Atlanta for females. President Hariri of Lebanon was assassinated in Beirut recently. He himself has signed death warrants for executions.

www.beirut.indymedia.org/ar/2004/01/908.shtml .

The birthplace of Bill Clinton is Hope, Arkansas located at N .latitude 33.66. This is very close to the approximate location of death row for women in Atlanta and death row in Lebanon (Roumieh).

Bill Clinton has been associated with human sacrifice of new born baby to achieve power and avoid being removed from office during Lewinsky-Gate.

www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1257.cfm “Clinton Seeks out Voodoo Ritual to avoid Impeachment”

Clinton and relationship with Cannibal - sorcerer and former leader of Liberia that
Performed human sacrifices to stay in power (but apparently US Marines were stronger)

www.phdowntown.blogspot.com/2005/11/neo-sufism-link-between-q​addhafi-and.html .

8. The Vatican takeover by Left-Hand Path / Black Magick Adepts was anointed by a Human Sacrifice in South Carolina, on the 33rd Parallel.

Charleston, South Carolina is the home of the so-called “Mother Lodge of the World” And according to various sources was used as the site of a human sacrifice ritual to the Devil to commemorate the takeover by evil forces of the Papacy and the Vatican.

This occurred on June 29, 1963 when Pope John Paul VI assumed the papacy.
www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1623.cfm .

9. Death row in Tennessee is located in Nashville , Tennessee. Latitude N. 36.10 This is Nearly identical to the location of Carthage , Tunisia. The once home of Hannibal who Nearly toppled Rome. Carthage was a major center of human sacrifice and demon
Worship. “child sacrifice took place almost continuously for 600 years”

www.barca.fsnet.co.uk/carthage-forgotton.htm .

Nashville has a famous clock tower that is believed by occultists to be a replica of a
“Tran dimensional stargate in Iraq”. Iraq is located on the 33rd parallel. In fact ,
Nashville is the possible home of secrets pertaining to the Holy Grail, a vessel filled
With the blood of Jesus - who was a human/divine sacrifice.

www.ancientwisdom.net/speakers/william/william.html .

EXTENSIVE INFORMATION on link between “Saddam Tower” in Baghdad and the
Clock tower in Nashville Clock located at this site. The theory is expounded that the
Real reason for the current Iraq war was to secure relics, technology or sites belonging To ET races or an Ante-Deluvian (pre- Great Flood) Civilization by the Bush administration. See photo of Saddam Tower (replica in Nashville Clock tower)

sadam_010219_sadtower.html .

Las Vegas, Nevada is in direct alignment with Nashville, TN and thus Carthage. It has a pyramid. The Luxor Hotel and Casino. Las Vegas N latitude 36.12

The pyramid at the luxor resulted in death during construction, has had numerous suicides and construction workers refused to work there. It is said to have brought bad luck to the valley. This can only be “cured” when the capstone is placed on it.

www.lasvegaskids.net/news/hauntedlasvegashotels.htm .

The pyramid in Tennesse is the world’s Third largest. It has 9,200 glass panes and is 32 stories high.

9 + (1+1) and 32 stories equals the pyramid on the US dollar with the “missing” 33rd story

Being the all-seeing Masonic eye. The pyramid is located in Memphis TN.

www.lightningdesignlab.com/locations/waterbury_pyramid_arena.​html . Memphis is named after the first capital of Ancient Egypt where human sacrifices were performed.

www.historyforkids.org/learn/egypt/history/oldkingdom.htm .

Martin Luther King was martyred in Memphis , Tennesse. The first person to his side was a freemason - The Reverend Jesse Jackson. A Prince Hall Freemason. Jackson took over the movement and became wealthy , famous and Powerful. Without King’s death none of that would have happened.

www.freemasonry.bcy.ca/prince_hall/famous.html .

Martin Luther King’s attorney now deceased, Connie Motley went on to became the USA’s first black female federal judge and had much fame and fortune. Her father was a COOK AT SKULL AND BONES CRYPT IN YALE.

www.mariebrenner.com/articles/verdict/judge1.html .

The Memphis - Mizraim are a black magic cult that are said to be active in Iraq in Baghdad in particular.www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1917.cfm .

*** note - Nevada, Tennessee and Egypt are not on the 33rd parallel. This is to show the

Belief system in pyramids, death sacrifices at pyramidal structures, and geo- alignment. THE 33rd PARALLEL IS THE MOST POWERFUL LOCATION - NOT THE ONLY LOCATION WHERE THIS ACTIVITY CAN OCCUR.

Additional / Extensive information on 33rd Parallel at-
www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1766.cfm .

Zionism - human sacrifice allegations - 33rd Parallel

1. Zionism may have been born on the 33rd parallel. In 1840, an allegation was made that jews were kidnapping and engaged in the ritual murder of two Christians in Damascus, Syria, a city , like Baghdad , right at the heart of the 33rd parallel. Many jews were rounded up and killed. This led to the belief in the muslim world of jews performing human sacrifices in secret rituals. This led jews to work for the creation of an independent Jewish/Hebraic/Zionist nation-state.

Thus Zionism / ritual murder allegations / 33rd parallel all coincide.

www.religioustolerance.org/jud_blib2.htm Blood Libel Accusations Against Jews.

2.The French consul Ratti-Menton instigated the charge (the writer makes no mention of accuracy or lack thereof) and THUS A FRENCHMAN COULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CREATION OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

The name ratti comes from latin and means of course, rat. The coat of arms carries a black rat on it.

In 1840, the town of Menton was ruled by the Grimaldi family , the royal family of Monaco associated with the Illuminati and the so-called Black Nobility.

www.reactor-core.org/black-nobility.html .

The order of the Solar Temple had ties recently to the Prince Ranier of Monaco. They worshipped a sun god of sorts much like the freemasons. They committed ritual suicide.

www.godulike.co.uk/faiths.php?chapter=74&subject=who .Some believe they were murdered by the CIA and were in fact a minfuck_tardult sponsored by that agency.

The cult was a blend of neo-nazism and knight templar ideology. The founder was involved in neo-nazi bombings in Canada.

www.educate-yourself.org/mc/falsememoryhoax1996.shtml .

The Aleister Crowley connection to Menton, France.

William Butler Yeats died there. He was a fellow occult lodge member with Aleister Crowley.

www.kirjasto.sci.fi/wbyeats.htm .

Aubrey Beardsley the artist died in Menton he also was associated with Aleister Crowley

And the Occult. A number of persons into this arcane area are pictured together in the

The Beatle’s Album cover Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band.

www.occultebooks.com/essay/fb/fb2.htm . The first person pictured are hindu yogis.

India as noted is on the 33rd parallel.

Beardsley also was a close friend of Herbert J. Pollit “who studied black magic with

Aleister Crowley”

www.redflame93.com/Beardsley.html .


ALABAMA -YES (PLS Refer to following site for State by State details

www.justice.uaa.alaska.edu/death/deathrow.html .)



(* Only exception since 2000 is now tiny Bermuda)

Around the world (Pls refer to map, globe or computer if needed)

United States - Yes
Japan - Yes
China & occupied Tibet - Yes
India - Yes
Pakistan - Yes
Afghanistan - Yes
Iran - Yes
Algeria - Yes
Morocco - Yes
Tunisia - Yes
Libya - Yes
Iraq - Yes
Syria - Yes
Lebanon - Yes
Israel - Yes


1. Arizona - Governor Janet Napolitano (D) “strongly favors the death penalty”


2. California - Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger (R ) “supports the death penalty”

(Pls refer to link in 1, previously and link to each separate State for details)

3. Arkansas - Governor Mike Huckabee (R ) “supports the death penalty”

4. Louisiana - Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) “supports the death penalty”

*( would “consider” a moratorium - not abolishment - if “statistics” showed a “problem”… The previous link shows 6 “problems” innocent men released after years on the row, but still no moratorium, even after the Katrina Hurricane- how many innocent

“problems” have been executed? - UNKNOWN) .

5. South Carolina - Governor Mark Sanford (R ) “strongly supports the death penalty” .

6. Georgia - According to State Constitution the Governor HAS NO RIGHT TO GRANT CLEMENCY OR NOT- Left to Board of Pardons and Parole to decide.

Executions continue to be carried out as of 2005.

7. Mississippi - Governor Haley Barbour (R ) “strongly supports the death penalty” (and building more casinos in the wake of Katrina).

8. New Mexico - Governor Bill Richardson (D) “strongly supports the death penalty” *( Only 2 men on death row since previous Governor commuted all sentences to Life…nonetheless , Governor Richardson fights to keep Death Row ‘open for business’ despite bi-partisan legislation to simply abolish it. He favors EXPANDING

The use of the death penalty -
www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/759321/posts .)

9. Oklahoma - Governor Brad Henry (R ) * info not available on deadlinethemovie link. Denied Clemency 3 times, granted it once.

(obviously support death penalty if clemency denied previously)

www.eurunion.org/legislat/DeathPenalty/TorresVOklaGovMess.htm​ .

10. Texas - “The Lone Pentagram State” & Mother of All Death Rows…

Governor Rick Perry (R ) “strongly favors the death penalty” he recently executed a

Mexican national despite direct pleas from Mexican President Vicente Fox. Also

Executed first black female in the State since 1857 ( a slave named Lucy).

The recent execution was rife with Masonic overtones - see:

Including that execution being the 13th of the year . www.illuminati-news.com/first-black-woman.htm .

* Texas is the only State that flies its flag at equal height to the USA flag - First among equals and first in execution. It has more “power” due to this.

www.jayp.net/trivia/geo01.htm Geography Trivia.


more at:
[link to www.rinf.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 631
01/04/2006 10:25 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
very interesting thanks for the post.

I am going to search more about all this..
User ID: 422
United States
01/04/2006 10:36 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
vewy intewesting
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 59895
United States
01/04/2006 10:40 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
Adding to the above:


The area where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers come closest together -- allegedly the place of the earliest human "civilization" -- lies virtually at the 33.30°N latitude, in what is now modern Iraq. The ancient pre-India city, Harappa, once lay along this latitiude, as well as did Babylon.

Baghdad, Iraq is at 33.33°N latitude.

"The longest continually inhabited city in the world" is Damascus, Syria, at 33.30°N latitude.

The place where 33.30°N, meets 33.30°E, is near the Southern end of the island of Cypress, in the Mediterranean Sea, believed to host vast, unexplored archeological resources from nearby ancient cultures.

The 33.30°N parallel runs through the disputed Kashmir region, the Northern Himalayas, and Lungdo, Tibet.

Roswell, New Mexico (location of "Area 51") is at 33.37°N latitude. This geo-latitudinal line also passes through what is known as the "Bermuda Triangle" in the Atlantic Ocean.

Hiroshima, Japan, is very nearly situated at the intersection of 133.30°E longitude and 33.30°N latitude. Nagasaki is near the 33.30°N, as well as is the White Sands Testing Range (New Mexico), where the atom bomb was first detonated.

A list of some cities that lie very near the global North Latitude, 33.30°, includes:

Babylon (ancient)

Harappa, Indus Valley (ancient)

Baghdad, Iraq

Damascus, Syria

Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Casablanca, Morocco

Beirut, Qiryat Shemona, Nahariyya, and Ma'alot Tarshikha, Israel

Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, Arizona

Anaheim, Brea, East Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Oceanside, Escondido, Encinitas, Indio, Irvine, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, San Diego, and San Juan Capistrano, California

Roswell, New Mexico
Lubbock, Paris, and Texarkana, Texas
Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama
El Dorado, and Texarkana, Arkansas
Atlanta, Athens-Clarke, and Augusta-Richmond, Georgia
Columbus, and Greenville, Mississippi
Columbia, and Charleston, South Carolina
Kochi, Matsuura, Nagasaki, Oita, and Saga, Japan

Some Southern Hemisphere locales (33.30°S) are:

Atlantis, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth, South Africa (near the Southern tip of Africa)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Trinidad, and Durazno, Uraguay
Santiago, Chile
Richmond-Windsor, and Sydney, Australia
A Nummo

User ID: 57741
United States
01/04/2006 10:57 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
This is interesting, very worrysome though and just plain sick
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 59895
United States
01/04/2006 11:14 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
OP, not only the 33rd parallel is significant, but other geographical locations as well:

Luciferian Masonic (CLuM) symbolism

Very good information. You have to remember that clandestine Luciferian Masonic (CLuM) symbolism is intricate, but hidden in plain sight.

Lincoln, NE, is located along U.S. Highway 77 and the number 77 is the Mark of the Revenge of Lamech (Genesis 4:23-24). The city was named for CLuM sacrificial victim President Lincoln.

In downtown Dallas, TX, U.S. Highway 77 is Elm Street where CLuM sacrificial victim President Kennedy was assassinated.

In downtown Oklahoma City U.S. Highway 77 is Robinson Ave., passing by the Murrah Federal Building where the CLuMs sacrificed 168 innocent people.

Washington, D.C., is located along the western 77th meridian with the U.S. Capitol building at W. 77 degrees 00 minutes and 33 seconds (33 is the
highest publicly known degree of the Masonic Scottish Rite). The W. 77th meridian itself passes through Stanton Park, named for CLuM Brother
Edwin Stanton, Lincoln's Secretary of War and the organizer of the Lincoln assassination.

[link to www.mail-archive.com]

User ID: 422
United States
01/04/2006 11:16 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
Yikes I was born in Escondido on the 33 parallel...what does it mean??
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 4702
United States
01/05/2006 01:47 AM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
Of course it could be a coincidence, or maybe climate has something to do with a death wish, but it is damned interesting.
User ID: 59699
United Kingdom
01/05/2006 02:07 AM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
Treason doth never prosper. For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 59763
United States
01/05/2006 02:23 AM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
the 33rd parallel is NOT the same thing as 33 degrees north latitude
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 5465
United States
01/05/2006 03:29 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
Bump for the nuts.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 59853
United States
01/05/2006 03:40 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
Freemasonry must be terminated.

User ID: 52452913
United States
01/04/2014 12:45 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
What is the 33rd parallel? Please define.
No man escapes when freedom fails. The best men rot in filthy jails. And those that cried Appease! Appease! Are hanged by those they tried to please.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18262498
United States
10/03/2014 05:42 AM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
Add Ebola to the list.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 53457483
United States
10/05/2014 10:31 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
So what does all this mean
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 8047584
United States
12/15/2014 03:52 PM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice
So what does all this mean
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 53457483

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 66141609
12/17/2014 07:31 AM
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Re: 33rd Parallel Masonic Line of Death Row Human Sacrifice