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NASA - I get it, I understand.

Children of the Atom
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08/28/2012 10:44 PM
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NASA - I get it, I understand.
I watched a few interesting videos in regards to the lunar landing and the rest. I always knew from an early age that things didn't seem right. While growing older, these doubts were confirmed. But beyond that, I gave it no other thoughts. To me, most of what has been done in the last 100 years has been one big distraction. But while watching a few videos, it dawned on me... a different perspective. One that did not have such a biased and unenlightened view of things.

Government is an adaptation of Gods natural order. It is a vain and delusional attempt at creating a structured order out of Chaos. Indeed, one can see that the state and understanding of the rulers to a large degree is limited to their own personal path of enlightenment.

We can all agree that the way the government handles things is sloppy at best. But, it is far better than simply dealing with the 'failures' of God's systems. One missed calculation on a jump, the throw of a spear, you name it - could spell your untimely demise. A last, the world for some, is filled with do-overs and second chances. An attempt to 'get it right this time'.

But sadly, we still manage to fall, terribly short.

When one is sick, do we simply say; 'throw out the body and prepare a new one!'? The same can be said for current systems.

But I digress...

In some ways, mans mind must be stimulated. In todays world, I believe that is becoming - a futile task. In a world where our minds are saturated with neural stimulations, much like a drug addict, the dose must become ever increased in its strength to subdue the beast within man. Our world is full of false Gods and positions of power that elevate man above the stars, even though he himself, has not actually been beyond his own star, let alone them all.

And yet, through all of this, I still saw a piece of gold amongst the debris of failed attempts at enlightening man.

If only the space-industrial complex could become a reality, we would be a much more civilized race. Everyone would have work and it would not be an issue of 'rank' in society. I also genuinely believe that it will require some amazing feats of technological breakthroughs before man could ever consider exploring anything beyond our own Solar System.

Nevertheless, the idea in motion of man, reaching to the stars and beyond - and succeeding - is the real legacy that will get left behind. And as crazy as it may sound... I think it's for the better.