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Controlling Slugs with Coffee Grounds Is Criminal in the EU

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United Kingdom
08/29/2012 12:17 PM
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Controlling Slugs with Coffee Grounds Is Criminal in the EU
The EU believes in magic! Forget about the claims of adhering to science. In the EU, coffee grounds are transmuted from benign to poisonous by saying so.

Organic gardeners avoid using toxic pesticides, so often resort to more difficult but entirely safe methods of dealing with pests. A tried-and-true method of dealing with slugs is to surround plants with used coffee grounds. But in the European Union, gardeners who use that method are breaking the law!

The EU has decided that anything used to control pests must be approved—and coffee grounds have not gone through the approval process. That, of course, will likely never happen. To be approved as a pesticide, a product must go through extensive and extremely expensive testing for effectiveness and its harms on the environment, people, and animals. Who has the money to do that, other than corporations?

Is is, therefore, illegal for individuals to use coffee grounds for slug control. Only products that have been approved as pesticides may be used. It matters not how obviously safe it is—especially in comparison with Agribusiness’s toxic soup of pesticides. And, of course, the pseudo science of corporations has figured out how to game the system. As a result, we now live with the utter insanity of deadly toxic pesticides sold everywhere, while gardeners can be prosecuted for avoiding them by using coffee grounds!

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User ID: 17882166
United States
08/29/2012 12:36 PM
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Re: Controlling Slugs with Coffee Grounds Is Criminal in the EU
The flaw here is that coffee grounds are not being used as a pesticide. The texture of the grounds is very pokey and sharp to the slug's exposed mucosa. The idea is that they won't cross it since it hurts. Why would it need to be tested as a pesticide if it is not being used as one? It is a "pest deterrant."