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Message Subject FBI developing a TATTOO Database
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
Its against my faith to get a tattoo. Its obvious now that theres no advantage to it. Only disadvantage.

Against my faith too. Children of Israel were told not to cut or mark their bodies. I want to be blessed... thus obedience.
 Quoting: ChivalryKnight
when i was a child i thought like a child,when i was an adult i thought like an adult ,when i became the 3rd temple and kingdom within,the goddessgod decides what to do with the shell as the spirit cant be tattooed..does god have logic or is god incomplete? oh yeah god isn't perfect,so why follow an imperfect creator that doesn't have logic? the body will not be judged,whether you have a soul or spirit will be the judgement..
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