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Message Subject FBI developing a TATTOO Database
Poster Handle Captain Spaulding
Post Content

Like my grandfather who got a tattoo in honor of the son he lost, my dad's brother in WWII. And my dad who had one on his bicep to commemorate his service on a heavy cruiser in the Navy, in the same war, firing the 9 inch guns and losing half his hearing in the battle of Truk Lagoon. Or me, who has a couple, and at 53 has been working on the books since I was 14 and owned three houses and NEVER pulled a crime.

I'm different because I'm still under the illusion that is a free country and if I want permanent artwork on my body I can get it. I guess that would mean if you're against them, you've got your own sense of freedom which I guess doffers from mine and my family.

Kat von D owns a castle in the Hollywood Hills and drives a custom Bentley. Her ex Jesse own more cool cars and motorcycles than all of us combined if you really think only the poor have them.

Neither my dad's or grandfather's faded or blurred before they died. And I've had mine since around 1990 and they look great and I get compliments from even little old lady's about how great they are.

If it's just a "fad", it's a long lived one. They've been around for thousands of years, for thousands, if not more, reasons. Lighten' up. There's worst things to be concerned about in this world. Unless you live a protected life in a protected world that's so hideously boring you actually put time into judging people for decisions about their lives that don't concern you at all.
 Quoting: Captain Spaulding 22387549

My grandfather and my father were in the Navy...neither have/had tattoos...as gently as I can put this, very intelligent people don't get tattoos...I should say, highly intelligent people don't get tattoos...can you think of one genius that has tattoos?
 Quoting: BRIEF

So you're saying my father and grandfather, and me aren't and weren't intelligent. Thanks. My grandfather wasn't in the Navy, he just lost a son there. What an idiot, huh!? C'mon. None of us would judge you or anyone else if you had a tattoo or not.

And as a matter of fact there's quite a few tattooed "geniuses" I can think of. All people who came from nothing and are successful either in all or some aspects of their lives. One in particular that I worked with for over 12 years. He came from poverty in a steel town in PA and has more film awards and nominations at Canne than any other director in history. He charges $50,000 a day to direct. A million a week for video's and has an incredible wife and kids. He's aged since I worked with him, but he's still got it. His name's Joe Pytka. He's 6'7" and should be named Joe "fucking" Pytka (if you knew him you'd know why). Look up his biography, you'd be impressed. Especially if you're into sports.

Damn, I thought this was a free country. I guess it isn't if me and my family are going to be judged for having ink on our bodies. Lock us up and call us stupid is what should be done. Us, and all the firemen from 9/11 and returning vets from the current conflicts we're in that have ink too. Bunch of criminal dumb-asses.
 Quoting: Captain Spaulding 22387549

You're pretty defensive about the voluntary body scarring thing...got issues?
 Quoting: BRIEF

Yeah, I do. I'm just tired of being judged for working my ass off my whole life and being judged for a harmless, legal personal choice. And when people want to talk smack about my family I'll protect them. Just like you would yours.

People who eat too much, lift weights to "pump up" their muscles, diet too much, boob jobs, lip jobs, it's ALL body modification. One's not different from the other.

You've got to admit, what I wrote made sense. I mean, try telling a vet, one of my good hard working friends or one of the first responders who lost their compadre's that they're not very smart because they chose to get some ink. I guess you're right. If they wouldn't care what a judgmental person thinks, why should I?
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