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my illuminati application - pls apply as well

33rd degree mason
User ID: 15833908
United Kingdom
08/29/2012 05:19 PM
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my illuminati application - pls apply as well
Age 0yrs. Highest degree in anti establishment and anti edufuckyoulater. Do i like the govenment, can pigs fly? . Do you like the UN? Yës especially when they tell lies. How do you rate sex, well if its an orgy with sick and perverted drug infested con men im in. Have you ever snitched anyone? Yep.im going to tell my mum of you . Family or greater good ? Family influenced by the greater should. 10 divided by 3 is 3. But 1 to that is 10 if you are smoking pot. I feel over population is like too many fingers , we dont need them, and certainly its making many folk sweaty with global warming or maybe better air vents are needed. No such thing as religon apart from in the imagination of an over idealistic bunch of protagonists.