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Message Subject Operation Archangel?
Poster Handle Zardos
Post Content

Hi - first, apologies if this goes against the rules, but I checked through the FAQ and couldn't see anything.

I'm trying to find out some infomration relating to intelligence services monitoring religious organisations, possibly including anti-abortion groups called Operation Archangel.

Does anyone know anything?

Answering this first question - there are plenty of instances when government agents have infiltrated various organisations - political as well as religious for reasons of national security. In the UK we had one famous story in which an undercover policeman ended up joining in with the group he was supposed to be monitoring.

Other groups have also found that they were being monitored - such measures are supposed to be used only to counteract terrorism, but increasingly these laws are being put in place to help police head off legitimate protests. As with many things this is something which has grown massively since 9/11 as we become more paranoid about supposed threats of terrorism.
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