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Message Subject Operation Archangel?
Poster Handle PowerwomanYou
Post Content
Zardos, I know what you are talking about!

We can trust anyone these days!!!!
who is this Emily Turner???? Forced abortion people are talking about here is just inhumanehell_boy
 Quoting: McGuff

Have no idea about Russians - I believe Pussy Riot should have been jailed for crimes against music aside from anything else, but that's by the by.

It's difficult to trust anyone - as for all the various sources of news we have it seems the media constantly fail to dig beneath the surface. All too often stories which sounds like the ravings of mad conspiracy theorist end up being closer to the truth than we imagine.

I always try to read around and get the best information.

Speaking on which, has anyone heard anything else of this operation archangel?
 Quoting: Zardos 26007131

I went to the www.wikifess.com site, since it was mentioned on the first post. They claim that - to their knowledge - they have no relation to the person who started this thread (a.k.a wikifess). However, they're investigating the "operation archangel" case as well. And they're looking to answer the same questions as the person who started this thread.

So, wikifess.com is probably a source we can use to keep a lookout on this so called "Operation Archangel" case.
 Quoting: TheMentalist

Lates development to further prove my previous Stevens. Take a look at this leaked film documentary www.asecondson.com
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