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Message Subject Operation Archangel?
Poster Handle closing eyes
Post Content
I hate to be so mysterious, but there would be dire consequences if I revealed my identity or my sources to this case. I am posting here because Emily is in trouble and needs help! It is beyond my control at this point, so I am hoping that by spreading the word about her I can ease my own guilt while hopefully helping Emily.
Emily is carrying a very special baby. A baby that the world may not be ready for, yet it was predicted in the bible that He would come back to judge the living....
Emily needs a safe shelter to give birth to this baby...just like before, I pray she doesn't end up on the floor of a manger.... Cold, in pain, with few people except for few wise men who believe.....
 Quoting: Powerwoman 25904726

She has already given birth according to web site? Why do you think she had the return of Jesus baby?
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