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Message Subject Operation Archangel?
Poster Handle McGuff
Post Content
Sorry, it's me...Don't want to be an ANONYMOUS COWARD!!!!!

Baby is Jesus returned??


What are you talking about?

I think that baby was an alien baby! Emily Turner was abducted by aliens - accidentally - when the UK government was communicating with them!! Didn't you see on wikifess.com??? The White House watching "something"?? The UK government and the US were together in this, because there were precedents in US history of contacts with aliens, so UK government contacted the US government in order to help and they were watching live communication with aliens.

BUT - something went wrong and the girl was abducted! She was supposed to get killed right away, that's why she ran away!!! With her baby!!!

That's what I think..and that is why OPERATION ARCHANGEL was launched!!! So she will get caught!!! Did you see the award for her??? A little suspicious amount, don't you think??

Baby Jesus? Well, don't know about that...Maybe he came to save us from aliens...
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