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Message Subject Operation Archangel?
Poster Handle Zardos
Post Content
Hi Zardos,

Yes, of course there's every chance people will jump to ridiculous assumptions based on some outdated calendar and a bunch of hokum. It's just a shame nobody is asking how this kind of things is happening and only forums like this have any information or dialogue based around it.

Ultimately the whole thing seems suspect to me, and we should be asking what she has run away from. Seems to me like someone her age with a dependent wouldn't reject a support network without good reason. Or at least you'd hope so anyway.
 Quoting: Trenton12 2869235

Hi Trenton,

You would hope so, certainly, but there's no telling what people might be frightened of - whether it's a real or imagined. I agree that it's a shame the mainstream media doesn't cover such things. It could be that there's a media blackout over the issue - alternatively it could be something more mundane such as that the media is simply obsessed with the endless coverage of the same old nonesense.

The problem is, all sorts of far more important stories go un reported. I'm looking forward to finding out what this A Second Sun film is - if it turns out to be something real or just another worthless documentary.
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